What they're saying about David Paul Kidder...

Into The Woods. Cinderella's Prince. University of Central Florida.

Matthew J. Palm, Orlando Sentinel

'David Paul Kidder and Mickey Bahr perfectly — and comically — captured the smug assurance of the dashing princes in Theatre UCF's spring production of "Into the Woods." '



'But the best moments are with the smarmy princes (David Paul Kidder, Mickey Bahr), so convinced of their dashing qualities, there’s no room for doubts in their perfectly coiffed heads. With ringing plummy voices, impossibly arched eyebrows and oily grins, they gallop through their comic duet “Agony.” '


Joseph...Dreamcoat. Choreographer. Nathan H. Wilson Center for the Arts

Dick Kerekes, Entertaining U Jacksonville

'David Paul Kidder is the Choreographer ... with dance sequences even more exciting than last year’s Beauty and the Beast.'

Fiddler on the Roof. Fiddler. Alhambra Dinner Theatre.

Sharon Weightman, The Florida Times Union

'The fiddler himself is played by the young David Paul Kidder, whose dancing ability adds a grace note to the show.'

Crazy For You. Choreographer. Narrows Theater

Denise Romano, Brooklyn Home Reporter

' “Crazy for You” is an evening chock filled of fancy footwork...The intricate choreography, filled with flapper moves and tap dancing (by David Paul

Kidder) was delightful to watch.'

Beauty and the Beast. Choreographer. Nathan H. Wilson Center.

Dick Kerekes, Entertaining U Jacksonville

' David Paul Kidder, did some amazing choreography, that was truly exciting and colorful...Yes, indeed, the dancing was dazzling!! '

Crazy For You. Moose. Alhambra Theatre

Maggie FitzRoy, The Florida Times Union

' (Kidder) is perfect for the show...he's a force onstage '

7 Brides for 7 Brothers. Ephraim. Pittsburgh CLO

Carol Waterloo Fraizer, TribLIVE Pittsburgh

'They (the Brothers) are good vocally, their acting is superb and their

dancing is very strong. They were great with (Mamie) Parris in “Goin'

Courtin'” and together in“We've Gotta Make it Through the Winter.” '

How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying. Mr. Jenkins.
Flat Rock Playhouse

Jim Cavener, Citizen - Times

'David Paul Kidder and Doug Llewellyn are two of the stellar businessmen in the cast. Kidder's dance moves and gymnastic gyrations are show-stopping.'